I recently did a 5 (working) days prolonged fasting successfully without any food at all (only liquid) and experienced one of the most productive weeks ever. I wanted to share my experience here and some context of intermittent fasting for starters, if helpful.

Obviously, I’m a Product Manager at a fintech startup and not a doctor, so none of these information should be taken as health advice. Please consult with your doctor for medical advice.

I’m using a fasting app called Zero

Experience #1: Feel Productive Throughout Fasting

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Background Story

I work in one of the fastest-growing startups in Indonesia at Xendit as API Product Manager. Xendit is one of the leading payment gateway in Indonesia and Philippines and we offer payment solutions for businesses to accept payments (Credit Cards, QR codes, eWallets, etc), disburse funds (Disbursements, Payout, etc), and other solutions suite mostly via API

During our early days, we experienced few API problems. To simplify the problems in few bullets:

As Product Manager at Xendit (Indonesia Payment Gateway), one of my main responsibilities is to build product customers love by working together with customers, team members, and stakeholders.

Working well with multiple teams and stakeholders can be challenging if I’m not using the right tools and framework. Project management, time management, and stakeholder management are the criteria that I want to focus on tools selection and these tools should help me to do my job well. Here are my top 5 my productivity tools that I use every day which I recommend you to check out:

1. Lastpass

Luminto Luhur

Product Manager at Xendit. Alumni of ITB Informatics Engineering. Building payments infrastructure for SEA. Common sense, empathy, compassion, and mindfulness

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